Osman Alifeyyaz PAKSÜT / Judge

Born on 3 November 1953 in Ankara.

B.A. in Law, Faculty of Law, Ankara University, Faculty of Law, 1974.

Attorney at Law at the Ankara Bar, 1975.

Diplomatic career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1977.

Secretary, first secretary, counsellor and deputy permanent representative in Turkish embassies in Tokyo, Nicosia (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and Permanent Missions of Turkey to OSCE and NATO, 1978-2002.

Ambassador to Baghdad, 2002.

Ambassador to Helsinki, 2004.

Judge of the Constitutional Court, 2005-2007.

Vice-President of the Constitutional Court, 2007-2011.

Judge of the Constitutional Court since 23.10.2011.

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