Summer School Organized by the Turkish Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey has organized a Summer School activity themed as “The Principle of Equality and Prohibition of Discrimination” on 6-13 October 2013 within the scope of activities of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Bodies (AACC) of which it holds the term presidency.

Besides two representatives, that is, mid-level experienced Rapporteur judges, assistant judges, researchers, legal practitioners, advisors and other staff of each member Court/Institution of the Association, jurists from the European Court of Human Rights and the high judicial bodies in Turkey have participated in the activity realized in accordance with the decision rendered at the meeting of the Board of Members held in Ankara in April 2013.

The First Summer School Programme started with the address of Mr. Haşim KILIÇ in the capacity as the Term President of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions during the opening ceremony held at the Grand Saloon of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey. Following the Opening Ceremony, a tour of the building of the Constitutional Court was made for the guests. After the lunch given in honour of the guests at the Court Restaurant, the hosts and the guests proceeded to the Hotel for the Summer School Programme. A dinner was hosted at night on the same day by Dr. Alparslan ALTAN, the Vice-President of the Constitutional Court.

The representatives of the countries attending the Summer School Programme have submitted a presentation, each of which summarizes five precedents opening new horizons on protection of human rights and constitutional justice. The presentations have reflected the established case-laws of the relevant Courts and put into consideration of the participants an evaluation of the present situation regarding “The Principle of Equality and Prohibition of Discrimination” in their countries. The participants have found the opportunity to exchange their information and experiences by way of both the presentations made and the discussions and question-answer sessions held. The presentations which the participants gave during the Summer School will be published as a book later and will be submitted for the benefit of the interested people.

The scientific section of the Summer School Programme was completed with General Evaluation Session and Certificate Ceremony held on October 11th, Friday. In the afternoon, the participants joined a City Tour promoting the historical and natural beauties of Ankara, and on Saturday, October 12th, they went on a tour of Cappadocia. The Summer School Programme came to an end with the farewell of delegations from Ankara Esenboğa Airport on Sunday, 13 October 2013.


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