Welcome Address of H.E. Haşim KILIÇ, President of The Constitutional Court of The Republic of Turkey

Distinguished Colleagues,

This conference organized by the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan provides us the opportunity to discuss the new developments in the field of rights and freedoms both at national and international level. First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to the Republic of Kazakhstan and respected President of Kazakhstan Constitutional Council for hosting such a conference.

Although the 21st Century is described as the age of rights and freedoms, the practices and current events around the world negates such a description. Today people question the democracy and human rights crumpled by evil parties. Democratic practices restrained within the national boundaries do not suffice to promote a universal understanding of democracy. The political institutions’ concerns for “national interest” seriously weaken the trust in democracy. Democracy is defined to be the most successful and courageous system for the peaceful enjoyment of rights and freedoms. However, universal understanding of democracy has become impotent and highly questionable as the national interests are coming into prominence. Hypocrite understandings and practices are killing the belief in democracy and they foster the development of hate and hatred. Such feelings turn into discourse at first and lead to action later on. The corresponding increase in the conflicts of race, religion and sects are worrisome. The world is becoming increasingly segregated. Political actors may abandon the universal values and truths quite easily. These values created by great efforts, labor and tear are diminishing while the hate speech and practices of hatred are growing. The only result achieved is intensive violation of rights and injured human dignity. These negative results caused by the conflicts of national and international interests must concern the constitutional courts at most. Because, these intensive violations of rights and injured human dignity are the primary subjects of our working field.

Distinguished guests,

Human is the essence and sum of the whole existence. But, what makes a human is his dignity. It is inconceivable to think of humanity devoid of dignity. However, the recent developments around the world have shown that there are concepts more prized than human being. We live in an era when a drop of oil seems to be more valuable than human dignity. Those acting on the basis of race, religion, sects and profit sharing may slaughter even the children without any mercy. Millions of people, displaced from their homelands, are hungry, miserable, desperate and they are aching for a helping voice to embrace them. These misfortunate people are in need of a helping hand to be extended just on the basis of humanity regardless of their religion, race and sect. Human dignity can be defended only by those who have the virtue of humanity. We are obliged to stake a claim on this task and make a contribution to it. We cannot define those, who build their own happiness and prosperity on the tragedy of others, as human.

Justice comforts human dignity by restoring the damages inflicted on it. It is the justice that reveals all the truth with courage at times when the consciences keep silent. This result is the pride and honor of justice. We have convened here today to confirm our trust in universal values once again. We express our disapproval to any assault on human dignity no matter on which sacred values they are based. We have to keep ourselves out of all religious, racial or national interest based projections. Because there is no limit for the protection and safeguarding of the human dignity.

Due to the regional interest expectations, international organizations remain silent in the face of crimes against humanity committed during the ongoing conflicts in different regions of the world. Such a silence is highly questionable and worrisome. This attitude shakes the confidence in international organizations deeply and requires a reassessment of future plans. It is impossible to keep the democracy and world peace alive, if we hide behind the national or regional interest projections expectations.

It is our primary duty to make sincere contributions to the world peace by means of pluralist, libertarian approach and the strength of love, peace, tolerance and negotiation. It is high time that we announce this message to the whole world once again here in Kazakhstan. We must strongly proclaim our commitment and belief in universal values which are the common grounds of humanity.

We cannot protect the human dignity, unless we consider the whole world as our homeland and all humanity as our citizens. It is self-evident that there is an urgent need for such a monitoring and supervising global conscience. Otherwise, the world will experience a globalization of cruelty appeared in the result of the violation of human rights.

Expressing my confidence that the constitutional courts will glorify the human dignity by means of their healing, restoring and curing power and that they will make significant logistic contributions to world peace, I congratulate on the Constitutional Day of Kazakhstan and thank you all for your attention !

President of the Turkish Constitutional Court

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