Press Release

The need to issue this press release has arisen in consequence of the news reported in some media organs.

After the coup attempt made on 15 July 2016, totally thirteen (13) rapporteurs coming from the other public bodies and institutions and seconded to the Constitutional Court were removed from office and sent back to their institutions by the Presidency of our Court on 18 July 2016. It has been informed that suspension from office and detention decisions were rendered about eight (8) of these rapporteurs.

It was decided by our Presidency on 29 July 2016 that one (1) rapporteur, seven (7) assistant rapporteurs and fifty-six (56) staff members be suspended from office until a final evaluation is made, pursuant to Article 4 of the Decree Law on Measures Taken within the Scope of State of Emergency numbered 667 and dated 22.7.2016.

In addition, there is no guard taken into custody in the close protection team of the Presidency of our Court.

Respectfully announced to the public.

Presidency of the Constitutional Court

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