Message Delivered on the Occasion of “15 July Democracy and National Solidarity Day”

On the night of 15 July 2016, which is one of the milestones in the history of our democracy, the beloved Turkish nation proved that they would not allow for coups and that sovereignty belonged only to them. 15 July is the date when Turkey’s ill fortune about coups and coup attempts changed and when a revolution of mentality required by constitutional democracy started.        

Resistance to the 15 July coup attempt reveals that our nation are ready to lose their lives for the sake of democracy and that freedom and democracy are values which were struggled for, acquired and duly deserved by the society. It is our significant duty to preserve these values, materialize them along with all requirements thereof and transfer them to the next generations.     

As also announced in the first hours of the malicious coup attempt, the Constitutional Court responsible for protecting the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, as well as fundamental rights and freedoms, is against any kind of attack towards the democratic constitutional order.
The Court maintains, under the state of emergency prevailing across the country in the aftermath of the coup attempt, carrying out its works within the limits set by the Constitution and without remaining under any influence or pressure in protecting the democratic state of law and fundamental rights and freedoms.    

It is our joint responsibility to ensure the Turkish Republic, a democratic state of law based on human rights, to reach beyond the level of contemporary civilization by embracing the spirit of unity and solidarity. Our task, as the State and the nation, is to preserve the democratic state of law on the basis of justice, freedom and security and transfer it to the next generations.
On the anniversary of the 15 July coup attempt, the Constitutional Court wishes that may Allah rest our martyrs’ souls, as well as wishes health and welfare to our veterans.

Respectfully announced to the public.

Presidency of the Constitutional Court

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